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New Year, New Career January 2014 Book Display

Whether you're looking for a new job, or trying to fix your current job we've got you covered. Come browse our display and take these titles home. If you need help with research into your new career stop by the reference desk!
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Nine million baby boomers have already skipped retirement to enjoy meaningful work instead, and another 31 million are hoping to join them soon. Covering everything those readers will need to know, this road map points to passion, purpose, and a paycheck in the second half of life.

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A guide to using social media to find a job that explains the benefits of using sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook for networking, offers tips on creating an effective online profile, discusses how to develop a personal online brand, and includes other helpful job search strategies.

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New-style job messages that get you in the door and on your way upFrom sparkling cover letters to six-word bios, a fresh bevy of job search letters has grown powerfully useful for successful career communications. Job Search Letters For Dummies delivers the quality of New Era know-how you need right now to land good jobs and thrive...

Job Search Letters for Dummies - Boston Public Library

In Second Acts That Change Lives, author and second-acter Mary Beth Sammons offers a five-step process for going from life before the leap to the view from the other side. Sammons shares dozens of stories of people who re-invented themselves at mid-life-and made the world a better place in the process.

Second Acts That Change Lives - Boston Public Library

Argues that the traditional corporate ladder has been replaced with a lattice format, allowing savvy employees to advance by making smart lateral moves, networking more strategically, and investing in continued education.

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Boomers reinvented society; now they're reinventing themselves, and AARP wants to facilitate that process. This book explores both the motivations and the methods of those taking part in the social phenomenon known as recareering.

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"A practical guide to changing careers, including tips, exercises, and resources to help readers navigate the logistical, financial, and emotional challenges of career transition"--Provided by publisher.

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Identifies the skills developed by teachers and describes opportunities open to teachers seeking a career change.

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Are you frustrated by the indignities of life in today's workplace? More work, longer hours, fewer benefits, incompetent bosses. Career consultant and expert Andrea Kay has heard it all. In her new book, Kay connects with the 85 percent of the workforce who feel unsatisfied with their careers. Readers will immediately recognize themselves in the stories she tells, gleaned from the thousands of unhappy workers who have responded to Kay's nationally syndicated column and appearances.

Work's A Bitch and Then You Make It Work - Boston Public Library

Shows what a prospective employer finds important; emphasizes those skills, accomplishments, and qualities in resumes and interview answers; identifies the intersection between talents and what the marketplace needs; and unlocks the power of social media.

Cracking the New Job Market - Boston Public Library

Highlights the free resources at the public library, the experts at the American Library Association explain how to conduct proper research, build networks, draft a great resume, prepare for an interview, and negotiate a salary.

How to Get A Great Job - Boston Public Library

A collection of in-depth interviews with business and nonprofit leaders, such as Tony Hsieh of Zappos and Shawn Fanning of Napster, Rupture, and Path, discussing the theme of breaking the rules to create new business paths.

Shake the World - Boston Public Library

When Dr. Phil's viewers need help turning their job search woes into employment success, he calls in Tony Beshara. One of the most successful placement professionals in the United States, Beshara knows what works and what doesn't. In The Job Search Solution , he outlines the simple yet powerful system that has helped over 100,000 people land jobs they love.

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Does your boss ignore you? Is your career going nowhere? Are you just going through the motions? If so, you need a trip to the Job Spa. Inside, authors Milo Sindell and Thuy Sindell detail an easy-to-master program that shows you how to reengage with your work and approach your career with new levels of energy and enthusiasm.

Job Spa | Boston Public Library | BiblioCommons

.....The economy has been stacked against you from the beginning. Worse, you're sandwiched between Boomers (with their constant back-patting blather and refusal to retire) and Gen Y's (with their relentless confidence and demands for attention).You're stuck in the middle-of your life and between two huge generations that dote on each other.But you can move forward in your career. In What's Next, Gen X? Tamara Erickson shows how....

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