Brad Nitz
Brad Nitz
Brad Nitz

Brad Nitz

Meteorologist, WSB TV

Meteorologist Karen Minton and Brad Nitz training on state-of-the art weather equipment

Don't over-think your problems.

Mysterious Boom over Georgia, Alabama and Wisconsin

Pi Day, holiday for geeks like me?

Best letter to a weatherman...ever!

Solar storm hits. So far, so good.

I just finished the Steve Jobs biography. Very interesting, not so nice but a genius.

Interesting opinion piece: Should we care about Pinterest?

Budget cuts coming to the Weather Service?

NOAA drops Blackberry/RIM for iPhones and iPads

This I love! It's how I get through my long days.

Could be some snow in north Georgia Saturday.

Could this be? The wooly mammoth lives? What do you think?

Thunderstorm Safety, part of Severe Weather Awareness Week in Georgia

iMap Weather Radio, turns you iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into a weather radio.

No consistent standards for activation of tornado sirens in Georgia.

5 day forecast