This 6 karat Diamond Ice Cube Tray speaks of a new kind of ice cubes you can use to beautify your drinks apart from chilling them.

Diamond Ice Cube Tray

Where has this been all my life?! I have a sudden urge to want to return to my childhood...

fri-mc-13 : theBERRY

The Floyd Leg - clamp-on legs (available in 5 colors) works with material up to 2" thick.

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Wooden iPhone dock station by SanMecco on Etsy, $72.00

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Predator helmet

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Big Fish by javierveralainez #Illustration #Fish #Tim_Burton

“Big Fish”. Un proyecto de JavierVeraLainez | Domestika

Inspired by Japanese puzzle games, the "Join" table by Ding 3000 links three legs in what's called the "Devil's Knot".

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angular corner shelving idea. interesting when light plays on it. Trieta Corner Shelf by Marc Kandalaft

Trieta Corner Shelf by Marc Kandalaft

Swimming Gloves

Durable Webbed Glove for Diving, Swimming, and Surfing

Nendo redesigned chopsticks, one of the oldest Japanese utensils , beautiful design ++

New chopsticks for Hashikura Matsukan and Nendo

Simon C. Page / Simon Page / Simon C Page / Page / SC Page / S.C. Page / simoncpage / simonpage - poster - graphic design - circle

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Slit key holder

Taklampa Ballong

Taklampa Ballong
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Pixel glasses

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Wine rack

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Cool Whisky Glasses. (Eigentlich Normann Copenhagen Cognac Schwenker...)

Cognac Glass | A modern glass with an exclusive expression

Convert your memorable t-shirts into modern wall art by storing them within this T-Frame T-Shirt Display Case.

T-Frame T-Shirt Display Case

Darth Vader Motorcycle Helmet

16 Coolest Motorcycle Helmets of 2015

Toilet roll holder

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Japanese design studio A.P.Works playfully mimics the imagery of Albert Einstein's space-time fabric theory with this mind-bending placemat. By warping the grid pattern, the trick mat creates the illusion that the plate and silverware are weighing down the placemat's seemingly elastic surface, in the same way that planets and stars distort the plane of space-time.

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Alexander McQueen's Dress "VOSS", Spring 2001, Razor-clam shells stripped and varnished.

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Book Shelf


diamond ice cube tray

Urban Outfitters - Diamond Ice Cube Tray