Back to school : )

plastic pencil box with sharpener and sliding multiplier/divider. I remember getting these for free when we bought shoes at a local shoe store at the beginning of the school year.

Oh my!

clothes - bell bottom pants and vests. I remember this I had the plaid pants and the yellow sweater vest.

Tupperware Popsicle Maker - every summer!

Tupperware Popsicle Maker - every summer! Oh the apple and orange juice popsicles I used to eat.

1967 TV Trays - a new invention and everyone had them. The bottom one in green I still have they were my Dads his Mom Grandma Cope gave them to my parents as a gift....

1967 TV Trays - a new invention and everyone had them. These were made so you could eat your TV dinner on your TV tray in front of the TV!

I remember this pattern!

Simplicity 5423 1970s Misses Smock Top Pants and Bikini Briefs Pattern Womens Vintage Sewing Pattern Size 16 Bust 38

My mom had this pattern and made me a lot of this dress, and this top and the pants too. Simplicity 5423 Misses Smock Top Pants and Bikini Briefs Vintage Sewing Pattern - yep, I made this one around 1974

I remember these!

Free Vintage Printable nostalgia tags- these would make very cute transfers for Easter outfits!-I stuck a bunch of these on a lamp in family room as a kid

back in the day when a 7 year old not only knew how to cross the street, he could be responsible for the rest of the class too.

THIS WAS I School safety patrol.i remember the white band, and wearing one as I was on the safety patrol.

Graham Kerr

Graham Kerr, The Galloping Gourmet - Loved the bit at the end of the show when he would drag someone from the audience to test his food. Why don't tv chefs do that now! -test the food on the tv crew if theres no audience!

wooden cribs with decals and plastic teething strips on the top of the side rails

Vintage wooden baby bed / crib with decals, - Decals for all 4 of our baby's (Busby) Horchem