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Amazing DIY Home Remedies for Pets

Calm a Dog’s Upset Stomach and other DIY Home Remedies for Dogs (side note: REALLY want a chocolate lab puppy!

little buddies

I think I'll just sit right here...

every dog should have an elephant for a best friend! Happy Dog this dog and elephant are best friends Buddies on the beach

Aww, its a german shepherd

Another pinner says: German Shepard pup.i just love shepards.the BEST dog i ever had was a shepard named Eric. 40 years since he died I still miss think of him

they look like there goin kill something

Fabulous photography of dogs diving underwater for tennis balls. So funny. So cute.

so cute :)

"Will You Be My Friend?" ---- [*Yogi* - a Flat Coated Retriever puppy takes a moment to show off his snazzy collar and name tag. He is desperately friendly and loves attention!]~[Photograph by (Mark Bermingham) - September 27

Let's play!

This is a black Lab pup. This is the dog I thought I was getting but when I found out that she was in fact a black DANE I said even better!

precious, just precious

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