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Nicholas II

The cover page signed by Empress Alexandra of Russia, as “The first diary of my little Alexey. ~ Mom, Tsarskoye Selo, 1916.” Probably, that was Alexandra who presented this diary to her 14 year old son, as according to the traditions in The Romanovs if the members of family might make records then the heir of the crown had to do it every day and in details.


Delightful picture of the four Grand Duchesses

Secret photos of the Romanovs

(left to right) Anastasia's Purple Violet, Alexandra's White Rose (tall bottle with round stopper), Maria's Purple Lilac (small empty bottle), Tatiana's Corsican Jasmine (tall full bottle in center), and Olga's Tea Rose [the last bottle on the right is unidentified]

TheMauveRoom : Photo

Grand Duchesses Maria, Anastasia, and Olga with officers.

A cross belonging to Grand Duchess Anastasia which was found among her possessions in the Alexander Palace after her death.

Fuck Yeah! Anastasia Nikolaevna

Olga and Maria


Grand Duchesses Olga, Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia in swimming gowns, in Finland

Tatiana by olgasha

Little Tsarevna Tatiana by olgasha on deviantART

Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia

Imperial Russia

The fourth child and youngest daughter of Nicholas II and Alexandra, Anastasia is probably the most famous as well. She was the prankster of the family, a constant delight to her siblings, and the closest in relationship to her brother Alexis Nicolaevich.

Tsar Nicholas, II 1913

TheMauveRoom, Nicholas II: 1913.


Nicholas II and the Tsaritsa dressed as Alexis I and Maria Miloslavskaya, for the Winter Palace's last Imperial ball

File:Alix and Nicky in Russian dress.3.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Russian Imperial Wine Glass from Palace service of Czar Nicholas II.

❤ - Rare Glass Champagne Coupe, by the Maltsev Factory, Period of Nicholas II

Tsarskoe Selo palace champagne coupe

Ruins of Russia's Catherine Palace following World War II.

Kelch The Bonbonnière Egg in original case.

Anastasia was know for taking pictures of herself in the mirror. She took selfies before they ever became cool. ;)

Alexei and Anastasia, Livadia, 1912

Alexandra and Alexei

Maria and Anastasia with Wounded Officers

My Name is Anastasia - Myths and Legends

Anastasia ~ ♥