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GG Allin - Sick and disturbed person or marketing genius?

Allin, leader of "G. Allin and the Murder Junkies", and arguably the most obnoxious and repulsive musical performer in history.


To say that The Cramps late frontman Lux Interior (né Erick Lee Purkhiser) had swagger would be an understatement – in skin-tight PVC catsuits that clung unashamedly to every part of the his anatomy, Lux Interior’s rubber-like on-stage gyrations

The self proclaimed ‘’Scariest Band in the World’‘ - DEADBOLT #psychobilly, #gothabilly, #voodoobilly, #music

The self-proclaimed "scariest band in the world" sends a shout out to truck drivers everywhere.

~ Charles Bukowski

There is nothing more dangerous than the confidence of a stupid person. The tricky part is that we all get stupid sometimes.