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Face of Confidence by Sudipta Dutta Chowdhury supported by Airbnb

Every year on the day of Makar Sankranti (Mid of January), hundreds of thousands of Hindu pilgrims gather to take a holy dip at the confluence of river Ganges and Bay of Bengal at Sagar island.

Time stamp (by Dina Bova) [old man] "Quizá llegar a viejo sea más transitable si no se llegase huérfano a ese trago..."

Amazing detail shown in this old mans face! He has definitely lived a great and memorable life


In the century, a Córdoban merchant named al-Tartushi visited the Danish market town of Hedeby. He noted that Viking women enjoyed the right to divorce: "They part with their husbands whenever they like." (Alyssa Sutherland from the series Vikings)

Ryu Oyama.

These workout will aim to tone the armpit fat area through chest exercises which too include shoulders and arm muscles.

Si sumas algo de los cuerpos humanos y animales del artista-científico Gunther von Hagens, con las figuras anatómicas típicas de hospitales y escuelas junto a mucha fantasía, damos con el curioso/loco/genial arte del japonés Masao Kinoshita.                                           …

Sculptor Masao Kinoshita's work comes in a variety of forms, but what really tweaks my amygdala are the anatomical maquettes of fanciful creatures. elephant 4 arms four human body man