He was HOT then too....Channing Tatum when he was an actual stripper...

Here's a Picture of Channing Tatum As an Actual Stripper

a picture of Channing Tatum when he was an actual stripper. He must look way better in Magic Mike or that movie would have tanked!


Evening Eye Candy: Channing Tatum

He's not hot. He's not hot. He's not hot. Who am I kidding? Channing Tatum is lava hot!

The Bachelorette: Sean Lowe, i love him, he can marry me! Emily is an idiot!

Channing Tatum

I have to put my boy Channing on the Hotness List. Loved him in "Step-up, She's the Man, Magic Mike, GI Joe & now in White House Down".

Channing Tatum...mmmm :)

The Dean's List: February 2012

yes YES sir! GQ photo shoot-- nothing hotter than a guy that can look banging in a suit and rock the down and dirty look.


Tatum Channing, Channing Tatum mmmm love this man

Smokiiiin' hott ...#RobertPattinson

Robert Pattinson please stop smoking Rob, for good, don't let it do awful things to your beautiful perfect body.