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Now THIS is how you do a laundry room! Tabletop for folding, simple cabinets to hide stuff, and a TV for watching while folding!


Laundry room ideas - cabinet, shelf, and hanging rod. I like this b/c it still allows the dryer vent area "air" so it doesn't get too hot (house fires).

perfection! Floor to ceiling laundry basket stackable-- narrow enough to still have room for a sink

love the partition between the washer and dryer. No more socks, underwear, hangers, dryer sheets, etc. falling between and junking up the space!

Love this laundry room idea, granted ours is a bit bigger than this, so I am thinking cupboards over shelves next to the washer and dryer and a counter over the washer and dryer for folding! We shall see! ~Desiree~