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DIY Fire Pit. Another pinner said, "Took under 30 minutes. Super simple. Hardest part was lifting the landscaping stones."


How to Choose Plants for Your First Vegetable Garden

Homemade Chicken Food I finally calculated the cost of making this per pound. Based on the price we paid for the grains as of June, 2013 it equates out to cents per pound. Our 15 layers currently eat pounds per day, which means it costs us .

Drill a few holes and pour in some emspom salt. Will kill the remaining tree if you're trying to get out old stumps. Kind of neat trick

From the Ground Up Learn all the basics of building your own greenhouse from how to prepare the foundation to how to build a sheltering roof. Find out more at Eco Friend.

Vegetable garden with lattice...wish I would have thought of these for my tomatoes that were out of control last year!

How to Build a $50 Greenhouse | Having a small greenhouse can be all that you need to get a jump start on the season or possibly grow those plants which need a little extra protection. Over at the they built a hoop greenhouse for $50… it did take some recycle, freecycle, and scrounging. | #greenhouse #frugal