smokey lavender hair

Cut and color--- smokey lavender hair that slays! These loose curls are soft and romantic and can be achieved with the classic wand!


Messy Bun w/long hair: 2 elastics. 1 at the scalp - high pony second at the end of the hair. Join the ends into the center of the first and pin. // do this all too often, get compliments all the time

Loving my new braided double buns ✨ Lucky to be working with such incredible artists with so much skill and passion for what they do! ⚡️ - : @mojkahair / @michelletonglove

These space buns are everything. You look amazing [ "I wish I could do this on my own. // Loving my new braided double buns ✨ Lucky to be working

purple dyed hair

I wish I could have purple hair and a nose ring! Not that particularly type of nose piercing though.

Colorful Smudge

If you would like to add some color to the ends of your hair but aren't sure if you want to risk the hair dye. Then you should try chalking your hair! It's so much safer than color or dip dying, you only need one thing to do it!

Purple hair

Purple hair dye, vivid purple, pastel purple royal purple, lavender, lilac and all things purple hair.

I know the color I want to dye my hair is purple but I'm trying to decide how to add it

Lighter on top, add Platinum peekaboos and make the distinction between purple and black Les of a line and more of us faded color

I love the pastel purple but I'm afraid I'm going to have to wreck my hair to make it happen

simple hair inspiration: loose braid half up and down ponytail with kitten ribbon bow