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Funny Words

Funny Words

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Glitter & Bruises

Happy nurses week! Keep talking and posting... We can diagnose that!

Lol! ღ

.too true

Tastefully Offensive on Tumblr

Funny Confession Ecard: This whole grown-up thing has been fun but I have to go now.

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dude without some of my friends i would explode with all the weird things i need to discuss. True story

Happy Monday, friends.

I'm Batman..LOL

But these are for girls...


oh yeah..this is me...

HILARIOUS because this is meeeeee!!!!!

yes! i love home!

Good luck with that, because there is not such thing as a "British accent". Great Britain is composed of England, Scotland and Wales, and each of these alone has a distinctly different accent, not to mention the huge variation in accents within each country. Someone from the south of England could talk to someone from the north and have absolutely no idea what they're saying and vice versa because their accents are so ridiculously different. The accent you're referring to is Queen's English - and I can't even say that it's how people in London speak, because they don't, they do not all speak like that. I can safely say that because you want a "British accent", you should shut up." I am repinning this becuase the last persons commentary is hilarious!!!

so true

too true

just -b


so sad so true