Filling Little Minds with Scripture: A Call for Diligence | Christian Motherhood

Filling Little Minds with Scripture: A Call for Diligence - Imperfect Homemaker

Faithbox is a monthly box for Christians that helps you strengthen your faith and makes a positive impact by helping feed hungry kids! Take 10% off by using promo code IMPACT10 until July 10, 2016!

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Do you long for a home that breathes life and is an anchor for your family? One where your story unfolds and is a haven from the world? This may be just what you need.

The LifeGiving Home

Love this idea!

25 Things Kids Can Do on Their Own - iMom

Poster 100 Ways to Be Kind to Your Child

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As parents it's important to pray for our kids, and God has given us His Word as a foundation to do just that! Here is a blueprint to pray each day of the week and see God move in our families!

Praying for Your Child - for the family

Do you want to start bible study with your kids but aren't sure where to start? I'm sharing bible study tips for family bible time and getting your kids started on their own personal quiet time with God. You don't want to miss out on my list of studies to get you started!

Bible Study for Kids: How to Get Started

Do you pray with your children? It might feel strange if you haven't already begun, but times of prayer with our kids can easily become a part of your daily routine. Not only that- it bonds you and teaches your children how to approach God. These 5 tips will get you started!

5 Tips For Praying With Your Kids

Before we can get to the business of helping our children develop a quiet time, we need to teach them a few things. These three tips will keep them from buying into the guilt and empower them to succeed in this crucial habit.

3 Things to Teach Kids About Quiet Time

Tired of the same old rote prayers? Me too. I created these prayer cards to encourage my children to think outside the box of their normal prayers and to help them develop a greater depth in their prayer life. I pray they will bless your family, too!

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Do you want your family to read more Scripture? Join us this year as we get more Bible Verses in front of our families! You can get a free Verse printable EVERY WEEK!

Family Verse of the Week Challenge 2016 - Life is Sweeter By Design

Praying for our children

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Praying for your family can help you focus on what’s really important. Here are 10 ways to pray for your own family.

10 Ways to Pray for Your Family - iMom

Look to Him and be Radiant: Hands of Prayer. This sheet can be printed and colored. Love this!

Look to Him and be Radiant: Hands of Prayer

Celebrate the unique qualities of your awesome family members with an Awesome Together Family Journal, inspired by Disney Junior's The Lion Guard. Store it some place handy so all family members can write little notes to one another when they spot someone displaying their special talents. Over time, it will become a treasured family keepsake. Catch the series premiere this Friday morning on Disney Channel!

Activities and Crafts for Kids Inspired by Disney's The Lion Guard - Buggy and Buddy

Just a few character qualities of a godly man _ God help me to be these.

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How do we raise our sons to love to read their Bibles? Check out these three tips to get you started!

Raising Boys Who Love Reading the Bible - The Unabashed Life

Are you committed to praying for your kids? Little else is as powerful as a mom's consistent prayers before the throne of God on behalf of her children! But what should we ask for? What concerns should we bring before Christ? These topics will give you a great start, for whatever season of motherhood you are in right now.

5 Prayers to Daily Pray for My Children

Are you looking for ways to encourage your children to have a better, more consistent quiet time? My Time with God is a quiet time journal for kids that has 4 unique study methods, prayer records, blessings and more! Make your mornings easier and your time with God sweeter!

Quiet Time Journal for Kids - Not Consumed

Word puzzle lunch box notes for literacy at lunch!

Word Puzzle Lunch Box Notes: "Wuzzles"

10 Ways to Pray for Your Family | iMOM...with links to 10 ways to pray for teen, child, husband, and mom

10 Ways to Pray for Your Family

How can a Christian mom make a difference in the lives of her children? This post looks at the significance of prayer, exploring a biblical example.

The Significance of Prayer for Parents

6 Online Jobs for College Students

6 Online Jobs for College Students

11 Things to Do When You Are Exhausted: Simple Ways to Boost Your Mood and Energy - Joyful Thrifty Home

Joyful Thrifty Home -

The one thing I would teach a recent college Grad