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Fun To Do With Kids

How to make your bath water glow and other totally awesome things to do with your kids.

"Mom, I'm Bored" jar. There is a printable PDF in the middle with 101 ideas to combat kid's boredom.

Cut up pool noodles and fill the bathtub with them for a fun look and something for the kids to play with!!

Children make glow in the dark shoes as a fun activity or great for gifts. Lots of fun to be had. Laughing Kids Learn

32 Cheap And Easy Backyard Ideas That Are Borderline Genius

Indoor masking tape games; hopscotch, bulls-eye bowling, tic-tac-toe, guard the eggs, long jump, balance beam - RAINY DAY/COLD DAY fun!

Homemade ice chalk is the perfect art, sensory, and science activity to keep the kids occupied on a hot summer day.

Cardboard drive in movie cars!

Easy to make FREEZY PAINTS - Create beautiful works of art with these super fluffy, icy paints - a perfect way for kids to beat the heat this Summer!!!

32 Ways Kids Can Go on Scavenger Hunts - a fun party idea or family time tooK

Homemade pet jelly fish. that's about the neatest thing EVER. I did this with my 3rd, 4th and 5th grade class. Told them to bring in a bottle and a bag. Some of the kids brought it in and the rest of the kids thought it was dumb. After we did this project, the kids who thought it was dumb, didn't think so anymore. Kids who made them, named them and love them at home now.

32 Cheap And Easy Backyard Ideas That Are Borderline Genius

32 Cheap And Easy Backyard Ideas That Are Borderline Genius

Time for Play: Smashing Balls (baked cotton balls) flour + water + cotton balls + child hammer = very happy children. Perfect for a grumpy afternoon.

Fort made from hula-hoop and shower curtain, just hook the rings on the hoop!!

Q-tip painting templates (printables)

Crayon Art. this one is really cool

Fun to do as a summer passport...library, food, beach, pool, park ect!!!!LOVE THIS!!

milk carton watering can...great idea for kids helping in the garden. Smaller kids can use a half-gallon. Can also let kids decorate it how they want

magical playdoh mix, marshmellow shooter, Hot car crayons, make your own lava lamp, bubble snake maker, big bubble maker, glow in the dark drinks, spongeballs, gak, and fingerprint candles!

Every kid has a little mad scientist hiding inside of them. Here are 10 crazy concoctions you can whip up at home to satisfy their need to explore and create.

LEGO Quest Kids -- 51 challenges for kids to do with their legos. Very imaginative idea. Great boredom busters :)