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Home births save money, are safe, study suggests

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Home births save money, are safe, study suggests -- ScienceDaily

Home births save money, are safe, study suggests

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Delaying a newborn baby's bath has hidden benefits

Delaying a newborn baby's bath has hidden health benefits

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great article about how to prepare your home for a home (water) birth

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GrowingSlowerfrom GrowingSlower

22 Benefits of Home Birth

Midwifery Homebirth

Pregnancy Homebirth

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Pregnancy Guidance

Homebirth Advocacy

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Painless Childbirth

Painless Birth

22 Benefits of Home Birth. While I know home birth isn't a choice for everyone, it was for us. We are proud to be a part of this community. I had the birth experience that, if they were ever in fairy tales, mine would have been. I hope I get the opportunity to do it again! (and again, and again, and again!)

22 Benefits of Home Birth |GrowingSlower

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Postnatal Depletion—Even 10 Years Later

Memory Disturbances

Lethargy Memory

Poor Energy

Dr Oscar

Postnatal Depletion

Energy Levels




Consider this: If you've had a child within the last decade, you might still be suffering some consequences—lethargy, memory disturbances, and poor energy levels, among other symptoms. And according to Dr. Oscar Serrallach, a family practitioner in rural Australia, it's not just because being a parent is hard—physically, the process of growing a baby exacts a significant toll. on

Postnatal Depletion—Even 10 Years Later

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Pregnancy Childbirth

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Essential Oils For Pregnancy

Dt Essential

Oily Tips

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Young Living Essential Oils: Pregnancy

Pregnancy and Essential Oils

Pregnancy Labor Postnatal

Birth Labor Postpartum

Birth Fertility Pregnancy

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Pregnancy Baby

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Music Playlists

Labor Playlists

Labor Music Playlist

Music Playlists for Labor and Birth | Mama Blog | Mama Seeds

Music Playlists for Labor and Birth | Mama Blog | Mama Seeds

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Birthing Classes

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What Should My Birth Plan Include? A Walkthrough For Natural Birth and things you may forget. | Trimester Talk

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Prodormal Labor

Unassisted Freebirth Pregnancy

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Pregnancy Homebirth

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You are 38 weeks pregnant. It is 10pm at night and your labor starts. YAY! Contractions are 7 minutes apart, steady and lasting about 45 seconds. They don’t feel like Braxton-Hicks contractions, so this must be the real thing! Steady, real, fee [...]

Prodromal Labor- What Is It and What Can You Do About It?

Adventures of a Labor Nursefrom Adventures of a Labor Nurse

What You Need to Know About Bleeding After You Have Your Baby

How To Nurse A Baby

Mother Baby Nursing

Nursing Your Baby

Nursing Pads

Nurse Gifts After Baby

How To Have A Baby

Nursing Food

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What You Need to Know About Bleeding After You Have Your Baby - Adventures of a Labor Nurse

What You Need to Know About Bleeding After You Have Your Baby

Hat Modern

Modern Baby

Modern Kids

Hat Needed

Hat Pin

Hat Isn'T

Babies Hats

Babies Warm

Newborns Read

Take it Off: Why You Should Drop Your Newborn’s Hat | Modern Alternative Pregnancy

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Vaginal Breech

Breech Births

Breech Baby

Nursing School

Nursing Ob

Nursing Mother

Nursing Stuff

Pediatrics Nursing

Nursing Midwifery

The Undervalued Art of Vaginal Breech Birth: A Skill Every Birth Attendant Should Learn |

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Save Newborns

Milk Save

Saving Breast

Large Quantities

News National

Deseret News


The Simple


Can the simple innovation of paying moms for milk save newborns? | Deseret News National

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Homebirth Article

Homebirth Safety

Homebirth Study

Choosing Homebirth

Birth Outcomes

Doula Care

Doula Ing

Birth Beautiful

Birth Midwife

New Studies Confirm Safety of Home Birth With Midwives in the U.S. | Midwives Alliance of North America

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Cesarean Birth

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Study: Outcomes of Care for 16,924 Planned Home Births in the United States: The Midwives Alliance of North America Statistics Project, 2004 to 2009

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States 1990

United States

U.S. States

Cdc Website

Map Showing

Highest Infant

05 27

Doula Midwife Resources

Birth Interesting

Home Births in the United States, 1990–2009; CDC website; Figure 3 is a map showing the percentage of home births by state in 2009.

Products - Data Briefs - Number 84 - January 2012

The Raw Food World Newsfrom The Raw Food World News

Largest homebirth study reports on labor and delivery

Baby Labour Birth

Pregnancy Labor Birth

Birthing Baby

Natural Pregnancy

Natural Birth

Pregnancy Brain

Healthy Pregnancy

Minimal Interventions

Largest Homebirth

Largest homebirth study completed reports that 97 percent of babies were carried fullterm with minimal interventions used for labor and delivery

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Cookies Delish

Cookies Awesome

Cookies Interesting

Eat Cookies

Cookies Recipe

Cookies Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Breastmilk

Breastmilk Lactation

Increase Breastmilk

Lactation cookies recipe that works FAST and tastes great! 90% of our members say that our lactation cookies increased their breastmilk supply.

Lactation Cookies - Very Effective Lactation Cookies Recipe

Hospital Support

Hospital Level

Florida Hospital

Vbac Rates

Rates Cesareanrates

Support Vbac

Largest Analysis

Hospital S Cesarean

State Cesareanrates



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Birthing Mothers


Birth Politics

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Care Birth

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Labor Pregnancy Newborn


You're Not Allowed to Not Allow Me

Secret Pocket

Hidden Pocket

Pocket Tutorial

Tutorial Nursing

Wrap Tutorial

Burp Cloth Tutorial

Sewing Tutorials

Sewing Projects

Sewing Ideas

Nursing cover with secret pocket

Nursing Cover With Secret Pocket | Sew4Home

Labor Pregnancy

Doula Midwife Pregnancy

Birth Doula

Pregnancy Baby Movement

Walking During Pregnancy

Pregnancy Induction

Preparing For First Pregnancy

Induction Labor

Cesarean Birth

Movement in labor - Shorten your labor by an hour or more!

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Winter 2001

60 Winter

Issue 60

Today Issue

Perineal Healing

Perineal Tears

Unassisted Childbirth


Natural Momma

A Natural Alternative to Suturing - by Denise Gilpin-Blake, LM, CCE, CLE and Summer Elliot, SM, RN, BSN

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Red and Honeyfrom Red and Honey

6 Reasons to Consider Home Birth

Birth Red

Kid'S Birth

Homebirth Birth

Birth Such

Sage Birth

Birth Don T

Happy Birth

Birth Postpartum

Pregnancy And Birth

6 Reasons to Consider Home Birth - Red and Honey. If this kid's birth goes well at the birth center, we're considering a home birth for the next one.

6 Reasons to Consider Home Birth - Red and Honey

Pregnancy Exercise Fitness

Prenatal Postnatal Fitness

Doula Fitness

Exercise Workouts

Baby Workouts

Postpartum Fitness


Pregnancy Active

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How To Check For Diastasis Recti During Pregnancy | Pregnancy Exercise

How To Test For Diastasis Recti During Pregnancy