Netflix. Hahahaha

Laughing so hard! Rhett and Link mostly ruined Taylor Swift for me, and this is just more of the same. "I'm still watching Netflix" XD<<< haha! True but I still like Taylor Swift

Good point.

Free and Funny Cry For Help Ecard: I am done trying to figure why Kansas and Arkansas are pronounced differently

Funny pictures about Holding doors. Oh, and cool pics about Holding doors. Also, Holding doors photos.

Ha ha! Exactly!

Someone said to me, 'You're hard on your kids.' Yeah, that's why they aren't little assholes. That is so my dad . But it's true some parents need to start vein parents cause these dad children Be acting worst than assholes

bad at math


Cat Vomit Warning Sign

Did you know a shocking of cat owners step in their cat's vomit every day? How embarrassing if you were to have guests over! What you need is this product right here. It is proven to prevent you or your guests stepping in cat vomit by Call to order!

Who needs it?

Haha so true! this is me: " uhh sleeping is so dumb, why even sleep when you're just gonna wake up the next morning?

Still lookin

True or Not True. Clear your mind here if you are Full of Shit or Not Full of Shit. Their are those I know who are FULL OF SHIT :-) :-)

As long as everything is exactly what I want..

As long as everything is exactly the same as I want then I'm totally flexible !- vintage retro funny quote--sad to say but sooo true!

Everyday, just wipe under them eyes and go about your day.

Funny Friendship Ecard: The residue of last nights smoky eye is this mornings hooker murdered in a back alley eye.