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501st Airborne

Clone paratroopers were specialized clone troopers trained for airborne operations in the Grand.

Clone Commander Gree  (CC-1004) Reference pics for the build

Clone Commander Gree Was a clone trooper commander in the Grand Army of…

Clone Trooper Deluxe: Veteran Sixth Scale Figure

Sideshow Collectibles Star Wars - Clone Trooper Deluxe: Veteran Sixth Scale Figure ~ "These seasoned vets have survived countless hard-fought battles. Crafted on a fully articulated body w combat-weathered armor, the Clone Trooper Veteran features interch

Doom is the nickname of a clone trooper commander during the Clone Wars. He wore a unique set of Phase II clone trooper armor composed of a green, yellow, and gray color scheme. He was involved in the battle of Ringo Vinda.

We now that Hasbro will be making two Clone Commanders from the sixth and final season of The Clone Wars which was announced at NYTF But we don’t know

Commander Geddez

This kind of thing makes me think about enlisting. of course. if I lived in the republic. (Commander Geddez by ~jdeberge)

Clone Commanders. From top left to bottom right : Clone Captain Rex (501st legion), Clone commander Gree (41st Elite corps), Clone Commander Bly (327th Star Corps), Clone Commander Cody (212th Attck Battalion), Clone commander Neyo (91st Recon corps), and Clone commander Bacara (Galactic Marines)

Sideshow Collectibles is proud to present the newest member of the Militaries of Star Wars Sixth Scale line, Clone Commander Neyo.

commander fox

Thorn is a clone trooper commander of the famed Coruscant Guard during the Clone Wars. He carried a rotary blaster cannon that he called Hammer.