Brandon keiser

Brandon keiser

Brandon keiser
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Insure Your Socks!

Betabrand’s Sock Insurance, Lose a Sock & They’ll Replace it

All You Need Is A Handful Of Milk

Thanks to the Handful Boobie Creamer you can enjoy some “fresh squeezed” milk or cream in your morning cup of coffee or bowl of cereal.

Industrial Mario Warp Pipe Lamp

First we have to say one thing. TRowe Designs should be famous. Their use of industrial pipe to create lamps and light fixtures may drive women crazy but every man will love them. The Mario Bros. Theme Industrial Pipe Lamp just takes the love of

Schnoze Power

Are you getting tired of white boring electric wall sockets? Why not put a nose in them? Sure a lot of people might find the Hanaga Tap Nose Power Outlet weird