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Dogs That Make You Smile

My wife says I feel worse for animals sometimes than for people, when trouble befalls them. I hope that's not true. I will admit that dogs doing good stuff, stupid stuff, dog stuff makes me smile.

Dogs That Make You Smile

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The peaceable kingdom.

A post from the sanctuary for old dogs in Nashville. Each night they put up a great shot or two.

I'm always a sucker for a dog in a hoodie.

Very true. Like us, they are all individuals yet all alike.


Sometimes you find a very blissful spot for a nap.

Dog's philosophical questions, #3.

Dog's philosophical questions, #2.

No need to get all dressed up.

Actual photo from Buffalo NY blizzard of "Snowvember" 2014. Poor guy will have to hold it. Or tunnel.

Dangerous dog taking selfie.


Share the joy.

Words to live by. Words to bark by.

Each Halloween, our boy Lars spends about 35 seconds in his Little Elvis costume. This is his "blues dude" pose. Nicely done, eh?

The caption that accompanied this was: Daddy's Home!!!!

Halloween leftover: this is just... wrong.

I don't believe any additional commentary is needed here.

Our boy Lars soaking up what remains of the autumn warm sun.

Bandit on the left. Thug Boy on the right.

"What?!? We're going on a road trip to ELMIRA NEW YORK?!??! What are you, out of your human mind?"

And you're all set as long as no squirrels come by.

Where Lars will be hanging out to watch the games on Sunday.