It’s coming…

It’s coming…

One of my favorite things about Holiday time is watching fun movies with my little ones. Christian (my 6 year old) is all about movies right.

Autumn lace

white lace shirt, with brown scarf, brown boots, and black jeans. ---- I need some brown boots!

this is the first summer EVER that I am ready for fall. can't wait for cool weather and Boy S!

Anne of Green Gables was one of my favorite book series growing up, and I'd have to agree with Anne about Octobers.

Photo (Republican Princess)

LOVE Anne of green gables :) one of my favorite childhood series plus, October is my favorite month of the year!

well, okay.. i never will.

Pumpkin scented, pumpkin flavored, I love it all .I love how she uses a LOTR quote: "Today is NOT that day!

Crock Pot Hot Chocolate, make it Christmas eve and let it simmer for Christmas morning :).

Can you say YUM! It has condensed milk! Crock-Pot Hot Chocolate Recipe Ingredients: cup dry baking cocoa 12 oz can sweetened condensed milk teaspoon salt 7 cups water 1 teaspoon vanilla Marshmallows, as many as you want .

FLEECE LINED LEGGINGS!!!! perfect for cold days!

FLEECE LINED LEGGINGS! Perfect for cold days.Ooh, I definitely need to look into these! I am constantly doubling my pants in the winter! Maybe cheaper than my figure skating tights?

Gotta Get - so comfy and cute! love me some patagonia!

Patagonia vintage pullover - Seek and get recommendations of where to buy in your specifications.