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Odd Couples

Odd Couples

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Duggie & fwends

I'm pretty sure there's something on my head, but I'm too tired to care

5 Awseome Pets - Shoaib Mehdi

a hen and its piggy ♥

Cat Become Friends With Sheep - Love Meow

Pssst. Down here.


Cat's face...

Aww.... this is sooo cute. The elephant isn't afraid at all. It's amazing to me how something so big strong can be so gentle caring for others. Elephants are amazing! God bless them all :)

A mouse rides atop a frog to escape monsoon flooding in India.....National Geographic

Самые странные парочки животных

9 cats who simply cannot deny their affection for dogs

Cats Who Simply Cannot Deny Their Affection For Dogs

♥ adorable!

Baby hippo and 130 year old tortoise become best friends…

The Box | Peas and Crayons: The Box

Can it get any cuter?!

Dog caring for kitten

Lost dog finds little kitten and saves her…

These Uncanny Furry Friends Prove That Humans Drool And Animals Are Awesome

Funny Baby Elephant And Dog Of The Day

PetsLady's Pick: Funny Baby Elephant And Dog Of The Day

Dogs are so sweet and tolerant.

15 Cats On Top Of Dogs…

This is my ideal future pet duo, a lab and a cat that grow up together and get along =] what she said!

You Can See They Love Each Other

The Chihuahua and His Baby Marmoset | The 21 Most Touching Interspecies Friendships You Never Thought Possible



And they love to rest together. fox and dog bff's read about them

Real-Life Fox And The Hound Best Friends Will Melt Your Heart

Sea turtle as mattress ;-)

This Cat and German Shepherd Are SO Cute Together! You have to see this. www.i-heart-pets....