Tea caddy spoons

TEA TIME~A caddy spoon is a spoon used for measuring tea leaves. Traditionally made of silver, they were in common use in the century, when tea was an expensive commodity.

Nodate - an outdoor tea ceremony in Japan

野点 Outdoor tea ceremony at Baika-sai (japanese apricot festival) Kitano-tenmangu shrine, Kyoto. By yocca

Bedouin tea..in Egypt

By Gary Latham Faraj making tea in 'The Makhad', Nawamis, South Sinai

Tea time in the Moroccan Desert

Berber gids in de woestijn Merzouga, in de Westelijke Sahara, Marokko

yerba mate • adrisworld.com

This is a picture of a what a typical cup of yerba mate looks like in Argentina. The mate is served warm in a gourd and it is drank with a bombilla. Yerba mate isn't just for special occasions, it can be enjoyed on a daily basis.

Moroccan Mint Tea: Chinese gunpowder green tea with mint leaves traditionally sweetened with sugar. I drink it unsweetened. So refreshing!

Moroccan Mint Tea

Moroccan mint tea, poured 18 inches above the glass from a silver pitcher by a beautiful Middle-Eastern waiter