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    Brave Frontier
    Brave Frontier
    Brave Frontier

    Brave Frontier

    Venture forth into "Grand Gaia", the world of the gods, and unleash your summoner powers to save it from corruption and darkness.

    Atk/Crit Buffer Summon

    Def and Mitigation Summon

    Battle Simulator NOW Available!

    Brave Frontier x Rune Story Collaboration Daily Login Campaign

    Kurewa and Kuraginn

    Mad Heretic Gazia

    [Special Summon] Arena Summon Gate is up! (Limited-time)

    Brave Frontier Rune Story Collaboration Events!

    The saviours of Randall, and slayers of the Demon Lord head to the Rare Summon Gates heeding the call of Summoners who wish to unleash their power!

    Prepare your squad and rush through the Challenge Arena as Rainbow Rush grants you more Rainbow Coins from Jan. 29 01:30 until Jan. 31, 21:59 PST!

    Trial EX: The Yellow Flash Noel ups the ante once again as he develops a new wave of mock units for you to test your abilities! Are you in for the challenge summoner?

    New Unit Release - Laberd, Jilias and Ester

    Raid Medal Rush Summon