Melody Ross Original Art

Melody Ross Original Art

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Sometimes the best way to help ourselves is to help others... xoxo Brave Girls Club (beautiful art by Melody Ross)

Daily Truths Archives - Brave Girls Club
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Time to love the heck out of life.

Today's a great day to do it anyway. ♥ - Brave Girls Club

Brave Girls Club - Still Becoming

Let the pressure off - Brave Girls Club
  • Veronica Rose
    Veronica Rose

    Thank you, Bec. It's perfect! 💗

Brave Girls Club - Just Be Brave

Dear Fabulous brave for it - Brave Girls Club

Brave Girls Club - Hello There Lovely!!!

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Brave Girls Club - BRAVE print

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You ARE good.....

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SoulBook! The chunky, artsy little book Brave Girls are making this summer to hold all the things our souls want to remember but sometimes forget.

SoulBook - Brave Girls Club

beautiful soul paperweight

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Let your COURAGE set you free...

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this is the life I want to live - book cover

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  • Amanda Kay
    Amanda Kay

    I made my tabbed pages when I took the class but never followed through to finish everything. Then my book got destroyed by water.

  • Cate Brown
    Cate Brown

    time to start anew!

  • Martha Moore
    Martha Moore

    I love my book

"Born 2 B Loved"...another handmade dog collar by Melody Ross!

DIY dog collars in true Brave Girl style! - Brave Girls Club

Handmade dog collar by Melody Ross - from new issue of Life+Dog Magazine!

DIY dog collars in true Brave Girl style! - Brave Girls Club
  • Samantha Wales
    Samantha Wales

    I made a belt like this at girl scout camp when I was ten or eleven.

you have done ENOUGH is time to rest is not weakness..... - Brave Girls Club
  • Belle West
    Belle West

    that is beautiful!

  • Laurie Jacobsen
    Laurie Jacobsen

    This is gorgeous, Melody!

  • Alice Tan
    Alice Tan

    very nice

  • Margaretta Trojan
    Margaretta Trojan

    aunt said to me that dis is the sorta board I like. x

  • Stacy

    This good be dangerous for someone like me lol.

Be brave & keep going

Brave Girls Club - Life-Changing Fun for Women


Brave Girls Club - Life-Changing Fun for Women

let's be GUTSY!

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free your beautiful mind...

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AUTHENTIC beauty comes from the INSIDE...

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Enjoy your flight!

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love THIS day

Brave Girls Club - a little bird told me
  • Brenda Hansen
    Brenda Hansen

    I LOVE this!

Fly with all your heart...

March 2012 - Brave Girls Club


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be free...

Melody Ross Original Artwork
  • Jalyne Fidler
    Jalyne Fidler

    Love this too! Your style is so endearing! I Love your art!! ♥