What your baby is communicating to you:

What your baby is communicating to you:

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Undie Sundae! Helps your lady bits feel better and heal after having a baby!

Good advice for after child birth! Undie Sundae, for real the best thing for aching lady bits after child birth.

Common Objections to Delayed Cord Clamping – What’s The Evidence Say? Basically: immediate clamping not supported by science and here's the arguments to counter an OB or Midwife's erroneous objections to delayed cord clamping.

Common objections of cord clamping and what science really says. Look at that beautiful vernix to haha sorry I'm a birth junkie ;

Positions to help you through labor - try sitting on an exercise ball.

Delivery Day: Positions to Help You Through

Pregnancy workout using an exercise ball

Exercise Ball: Easy Pregnant Exercises With Exercise Ball

Weeks 29 – 32  There is a rapid increase in the amount of body fat the fetus has. Rhythmic breathing occurs, but the lungs are not yet mature. The fetus sleeps 90-95% of the day. At this point the survival rate is above 95% if the baby is born.

peaceful parenting: Fetal Lungs Protein Release Triggers Labor to Begin - "Babies know when and how to be born. Each one knows when s/he is ready for lifeon the outside. Let's not rush them. Let's trust them.

Cervical dilation food chart (lol)

Cervical Dilation Chart - This is my favorite illustration of cervical dilation. It made me laugh the first time I saw it, and laughter is good in pregnancy and labor. :) I just ordered it for my birth class.

Get your flu shot and tdap prior to visiting our winter baby.

Get your flu shot and tdap prior to visiting our winter baby.