Homemade pretzel rolls

Homemade pretzel rolls- These came out yummy. The recipe makes a large amount. I would make them smaller next time and maybe try halfing the recipe.

Pizza Balls...perfect for a Sunday filled with football

Pizza Bites: these were a lot of fun to make with the girls. We used whole wheat pizza dough from whole foods. An entire dough ball made 25 bites. So fun! Had pizza sauce for dipping.

never, ever, ever buy tortillias again. they are wayy easy, and cheap to make at home!- subsitute corn flour and its gluten free :)

Homemade Flour Tortillas

Homemade flour tortillas - you'll never go back to store bought tortillas! I am totally going to do this and use whole wheat flour!

Stromboli from scratch, including the dough. Super easy, and It turned out delicious, which is saying something when I cook.


Homemade Stromboli - Pinner said: I used Pioneer Woman's pizza dough recipe (it's easy - no knead) and I used provolone and mozzarella cheese.

Pizza sauce

Homemade quick and easy Pizza Sauce

This Pizzeria-Style Pizza Sauce recipe will make your homemade pizza recipe that much better. The best part of this sauce recipe is it can be made in 5 minutes if you are strapped for time.


Fail-Proof Pizza Dough

fail-proof pizza dough and cheesy garlic bread sticks. This is a pretty good pizza dough. I've used this recipe a few times. I use honey and olive oil. I use it for pizza; I have not made the cheesy garlic bread sticks yet.

Yeast Free Pizza Dough Yeast Free Pizza Dough

Yeast-Free Pizza Dough: To make Gluten Free, use King Arthur All Purpose GF Flour and tsp xanthan gum to recipe. Fast and simple recipe for Pizza Dough made without yeast that is delicious and SO easy to make!

How to Make a Perfect NY Pizza Crust!

Perfect NY Pizza Crust What you need 5 C - Bread Flour T - Granulated Cane Sugar This is just regular sugar but it is nice to be clear. 2 t - Fine Sea Salt t - Instant Yeast 3 T - Extra Virgin Olive Oil C - Room Temperature Water

Miss in the Kitchen ~ Rich Refrigerator Rolls

Miss in the Kitchen ~ Red Star Yeast Rich Refrigerator Rolls with Honey Butter.

Tuscan Bread

Tuscan Bread - English and Italian versions, One Girl in the Kitchen


Melting point: Golden Cheese Bread

Golden Cheese Bread {recipe} I don't eat any dairy, but I have pals who do.

French Sandwich Bread - a soft sturdy homemade bread for sandwiches | What Megan's Making

French Sandwich Bread - a soft sturdy homemade bread for sandwiches -- need to try --- half recipe for bread machine cups Warm Water 2 Tablespoons Sugar teaspoons Yeast 1 Tablespoon Salt 2 Tablespoons Vegetable Oil 2 cups whole wheat flour 4 cups a