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Micro-bakers #BreadChat

Inspiration board for February 19, 2014 #BreadChat on Twitter. Topic: All about microbakeries.

Micro-bakers #BreadChat

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A group portrait, with Mr bear, oven #2, the diosna sporting the smaller of its two bowls and the östiroler mill.

A bear of an oven, the center piece of this little micro bakery.

Diamonds are trump, Bürebrot, Swiss Farmer bread. Milk made up half the liquid, at least 4 types of flour were used. The final proof was done seem up on a finely sieved bed of light spelt flour

"Sourdough bread, fruit and nut bread and cinnamon buns at the micro-bakery." —Jessica Engvall ([@]JessicaEngvall). Photo pinned with her permission.

local baker in Molitg, France, visited by Tia Ingle ([@]tiaingle). Photo pinned with her permission.

"The Hitchin Bakehouse set up." —Hitchin Bakehouse ([@]hitchinbread) is a home-based micro-bakery in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, UK. Photo pinned with permission of Nick Boggon, co-owner of Hitchin Bakehouse.

After beginning as a micro-bakery, London-based Cooper's Bakehouse ([@]coopersbake) is expanding. Here's a shot of the bakery-building on 13 Mar 2014. Photo pinned with permission of Cooper's Bakehouse.

"About to leave the world of micro for my 1st big bakery. About 10 days and it'll be done." —Tweeted by Cooper's Bakehouse ([@]coopersbake) on 19 Feb 2014. See next pin for a view of the bakery-building, one month later. Photo pinned with permission of Cooper's Bakehouse.

"Here's where we bake." —Lisa Bevan ([@]Fabuloaf), owner of the home-based micro-bakery named Fabuloaf in Surbiton, Greater London, UK and a Bread Angel. Photo pinned with Lisa's permission.

A new deck oven at micro-bakery Andy's Bread ([@]Andys Bread) in Llanidoes, Wales, UK. "I was baking in a tiny domestic oven (4 loaves at a time) for 3 years before moving out of home and getting the big one!" —Andy's Bread ([@]Andys Bread), photo pinned with permission.

"Kitchen is looking more like a bakery every day." —Hope Bake home micro-bakery ([@]HOPEbake). Photo pinned with permission.

"Awesome. 2 brand new baking stones from local kitchen worktop people." —Hope Bake home micro-bakery ([@]HOPEbake). Photo pinned with permission.

"Poilane have 'P' on their loaves. This has 'F' for Frythe Barn (not Fry The Barn) after our House." —Hope Bake home micro-bakery ([@]HOPEbake). Photo pinned with permission.

Beautiful! "We are a new micro bakery... First loaf by my 13 year old son." —Hope Bake home micro-bakery ([@]HOPEbake). Photo pinned with permission.

"4 x 600gm seeded loaves in the haussler. I think this is as much as it will take" —Hope Bake home micro-bakery ([@]HOPEbake). Photo pinned with permission.

Loaves proofing in a baker's couche, at Hope Bake micro-bakery ([@]HOPEbake), run from the home of Bill and Melanie Mawer. Pinned with permission of the Mawers.

Bill and Melanie Mawer run an occasional micro-bakery out of their home, serving The Ayots in Hertfordshire, UK, to raise money for This photo captures Bill's first attempt at kneeding 5 kg of dough, using method taught by [@]BertinetKitchen. Pinned with permission of the Mawers.

Aspiring micro-baker Jessica Engvall ([@]JessicaEngvall) just took these Danish pastries from her home oven. Photo pinned with Jessica's permission.

Ed busy with pain aux raisins and pinwheels in the Weekend Bakery

  • Karin Anderson
    Karin Anderson

    Those look nice!

  • Weekend Bakery
    Weekend Bakery

    Thanks Karin! We also made a little piece about how we make them:

  • Maria Soares
    Maria Soares

    Yum, on my wish list to master one day!!

  • Karin Anderson
    Karin Anderson

    Will check that out. They look, indeed, fitting for a book on pastry.

  • Weekend Bakery
    Weekend Bakery

    Let us know if and when you make them!

Organising oven at home to bake bread

Sourdough Saturdays here at Bread For Life

Sawbo Sours ready to be picked up from my kitchen Microbakery.

Sawbo Rye. Lovely natural splits from the oven spring. #breadchat

  • Sheila Litman
    Sheila Litman

    That isa beautiful loaf. Where can I get the recipe?

  • Sawbo Realbread
    Sawbo Realbread

    Happy to share!

  • Sheila Litman
    Sheila Litman

    Yes please! So kind.

  • Joyce Steingold
    Joyce Steingold

    Recipe please!!