my dog.

10 Of The Best "First World Dog Problems" Meme

Me and my dog!

Dog Sleeping Positions

Girl's Problems And Everyday Lives In Hilariously Honest Comics (By Sarah Andersen)

True Story check it out:

Primitives by Kathy 'My Idea of Cleaning' Box Sign | Nordstrom

13 Reasons Why Dame Maggie Smith Is A Legend…. I love her. She's one of my favourite actresses ever.

13 Reasons Why Dame Maggie Smith Is A Legend…

berry-break-31 : theBERRY


Teenager Posts Of The Week

Then and now. Too true.

College then and now…

you know it's love when you remain in an uncomfortable position because the dog has fallen asleep on you

Funny Pic Dump (2.28.13)

I'm glad there's a card for exactly what i do and think every time I lock my car. LOL

In Need of a Laugh...... - Cottage in the Oaks

Hahaha i think this if i have a bra on this late and I'm at home no joke

funny ecard about bras - Dump A Day

I did a push up funny quotes cute lol humor pushup olaf

I did a push up funny quotes cute lol humor pushup olaf

Girls Love Good Innuendo • daddys-bliss: inkdnready: a-london-gent: But... mother would have killed me...

Only the best Gifs and Pics

True Story...

9GAG - Why So Serious?


May 2014 Birth Club - Page 7

Marker swords. #90s

7 Ways To Tell You’re A ‘90s Kid

Its all fun and games until somebody needs a lawyer

Instagram photo by @tranbecky (Becky Tran) - via Iconosquare


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Wow... Frozen

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Funny Pictures Of The Day – 110 Pics

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What I do at work...

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Inspirational Disney Frozen Quotes

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And THISSS is why leggings are NOT PANTS. Oh my gosh. I am laughing so hard right now.

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