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This pack will help you implement the See, Think, Wonder strategy in your classroom! Can be printed full size or scaled down for student sized cards. Included in this pack: 1) 4 different displays 2) 2 graphic organisers

See, Think, Wonder --- This is a graphic organiser that can be used in History, Geography, and Science. Students look at images and draw things that you can see, what you think about it/deduce from the picture and questions they wonder for the picture. This is a two page resource, ideally for infants and middle primary (Year 3). But it can be modified for the older grade. Enjoy... more to come soon. #reachingteachers

Critical thinking exit slips. Review critical thinking skills in just a few minutes each day. This is a useful resource for COGAT, Naglieri, and additional gifted assessments. Use this as a learning center activity to boost critical thinking skills and challenge advanced students.

Gifted and Talented Ideas by Brooke Brown

Improve critical thinking skills and reading comprehension with this set of 40 full page fun logic puzzles for elementary students! $

ROLLER COASTER RALLY! Motion, Energy, Graphing, Data, and Measurement S.T.E.M. Unit created by Literacy Loves Company. 63 pages. 4-5th Grade $

Class Logo Design Unit: Each class works through a guided unit to research best practices in logos and branding. Students then follow steps to design their own class logo. The students work in partners, small groups, and finally collaborate as a whole group. Unit includes 8 guided worksheets to support research and design.

Amusement Park Physics -- Design a Roller Coaster

Think Outside the Box Thursday... Use in Geometry class. Quiz grade for doing it, extra points for class-voted most creative

Gifted and Talented Unit - Design A Walking Tour: A "print and go" project based learning unit for the middle grades! Students work to research and design a walking tour for a location of their choice! They will create a website and/or a brochure as well as design a social media marketing plan and an app.

Research projects MADE EASY! Booklets, tools, and resources for guiding students through research projects. Great for Science, Social Studies, biographies, animal reports, state reports, and more!

Animal Research for Primary (choosing a topic, taking notes, and a variety of report templates). $ Students choose their own animal to study for great buy-in to the project!

Helpful printables that will go great with any animal research project. Perfect for grades 1-2.

A variety of templates to choose from for students to record information for a research project. Templates are for primary grades.

How to make your very own Rock Candy at home! You could do them all blue for the PERFECT 'Frozen Party' treat!

Cooking with Science: Physical and Chemical Changes. Hands-on labs and activities to do with kids in the classroom! YUMMY!!!

Cool Science Experiments for Kids – Get your kids interested in STEM → science, technology, engineering, and math with these easy science projects using physics and chemistry. Create a glitter tornado, shine pennies then turn them green, and catch ice on a string using supplies you have around the house. Smart is the New Cool! #free printable #STEM #lesson plan:

science with kids tips from @Trisha @ Inspiration Labs

Fabulous STEM Challenge- all about bubbles! Kids experiment with bubble solution and they complete a design challenge. Will it work? Includes step-by-step directions, lab sheets, and photos!

A Growth Mindset is something that can be taught! Encourage a Growth Mindset in your classroom by hanging up these posters for your students to see!

Building Blocks Stations: Playing With Purpose by The Science School Yard