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Bree McGuire
Bree McGuire
Bree McGuire

Bree McGuire

I blog! I write! I edit! I host some web series!

Slow Cooker Vegetarian Lentil Sloppy Joes, made with lentils and pantry ingredients, just a littie bit spicy. #VeganDoneReal. For Weight Watchers, #PP3. #AVeggieVenture.

Green Kick-Start Smoothie -- 1 t matcha powder (green tea), 1 cup OJ, 1 banana, 1 cup frozen mango chunks, handful of spinach, & sprinkle of honey...add protein powder and ice as needed (optional) = DELISH!

Sleep It Off: Is Napping Really Good For You?

use wire baskets to organize ribbon

Seafood Lasagna (but with real Crab meat not imitation) _ This rich satisfying dish is loaded with Scallops, Shrimp & Crab in a creamy sauce. I consider this the "crown jewel" in my repertoire of recipes!

Just Roll With It. Core & Abs Exercise Ball Workout. DIY poster with easy to follow images.

12-Minute Kettlebell Blast Workout. Works quads, hamstring, flutes, lower back, upper back, shoulders, triceps and biceps. It's the ultimate full body workout for the time crunched

Day 15: Get Down Get Dirrrty Workout {15 minute AMRAP} - 21 Days 'Til Summer Workout Challenge 2014

Tighten those inner thighs with this 10 minute thigh burning stability ball AMRAP Workout !!

25-Minute Bodyweight AMRAP Workout. Transform yourself & Your life, get fit & healthy.

Dirt paths often lead to amazing places.

kmnml: hoe don’t do it (cc fatmanatee)

Looking for new place to vacation? Iceland just might be the perfect spot