Jacques Brel, né le 8 avril 1929 à Schaerbeek, une commune de Bruxelles (Belgique), et mort le 9 octobre 1978 à Bobigny (France), est un auteur-compositeur-interprète,acteur et réalisateur belge.

simplementfrancaises: “ …the single fact of dreaming is already important. I wish that your dreams never end and I wish you the burning desire to realise some…I wish you to love what is loved and to.

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That's damn true ♥

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Gotta get my French book out & figure out what this says lol I understand the main idea but not every word

One of my favourie Jacques Brel's poem

One of my favourie Jacques Brel's poem

l'amour de Dieu si fort si tendre, est un amour sans fin..

Love/Amore/Jet'aime etc. :-) What words could be more wise than those of love?

Pablo Casals

We are all unique - God gives us many graces - we need to go out into the world and share those graces with God's children.

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