When redheads get angry… @Jamie Wise Wise Wise Christy

When redheads get angry…

Don't Make Me Mad Or I Will Ginger Snap - Baby with Red Hair Hold a Warning Sign: This baby has to be the cutest little thing ever. Look at those red locks.

Being a redhead :)

I'm a natural redhead, i just like to enhance the red a bit!Being a redhead. I especially like the secret club part. SO TRUE. And yes, it's pretty obvious, the difference between natural and dyed. I thought everyone could tell.

I am a true redhead and I can honestly say this....well, once the badass burn fades, then I've got a kickass tan

As a true redhead, I will never say "Check out my AWESOME tan." rather, "Oh, look: More freckles! And more freckles. And more freckles.

So true.

My mom bought me a framed picture with this saying. It always made me feel better when people were picking on my freckles. I love this saying and my freckles now!