One of the male lions of the WHF yawning!

Big lion yawn

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---,_,----------------------------------------------=('ᴥ')=-------------MICIONI------------------ฅ(_ฅ)ᘚ--------by-ⓛⓤⓐⓝⓐ------------- Tiger in Kanha by Kevin Osborne Photography on Flickr.





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colorful animals | snow leopard

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Call me Fox

cats and dogs, living together . . .

Pantera | Animal Life™ | Pinterest


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Wild life: Bengal tiger. (KO) Somebody goin' down! Kitty is in the locked and loaded mode! Looking for adventure or lunch. Let's hope he isn't stalking humans.

Fuck Yeah, Wild Animals


Hold On by Laurie Hernandez | 500px

I love cats! Tigers, lions, cheetah, leopards, etc.... Love them!!


That is a bonded pair. One on the left is just mesmerizing. Cougar friends.

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Brennie Krause-Kyler
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Black Panther

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Amazing wildlife - White Tiger and Black Panther

Makeup tutorial, Make up eyes: Animals Photo

Did you know that a Puma, a Mountain Lion, a Cougar and a Panther (not to be confused with Black Panthers of Asia, Africa and Latin America) are all the same animal? The latin name for the smallest of the big cats is Puma concolor.

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A rare black lion. My understanding is that almost all large cats have a recessive black, or melanistic, trait. That's why you have black panthers, which are usually melanistic leopards or sometimes melanistic tigers. It is also why there are black jaguars, as opposed to those with spotted coats. The melanistic trait in lions is simply more rare than in other types of large cats.

The Secret of Moonacre (2008)

Features: -Material: Vinyl coated paper. -Water resistant finish. -Wipe clean with a dry cloth. -Ideal Decor collection. Product Type: -Wall mural. Theme: -Animals. Color: -Multi-colored. Comp

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black panther

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Panthère Noir / Black Panther

Panthère noire Fond Animé - Applications Android et Tests - AndroidPIT


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