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My little farm

My little farm

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goat tower

I use a fine mesh coffee filter as a strainer over my milking bucket. I milk directly into the strainer. This way, no wayward hairs or dirt make it into my fresh milk. After I bring the milk in the house, I strain it again to be sure.

Switch your family to goat's milk by Tanya Kelley

#goatvet likes the step by step illustrated instructions to make these contamination proof hay feeders by Clear Creek Farms

Clear Creek Farms

Building a Goat Milking Stand. Seriously considering getting goats. CLG

Building a Goat Milking Stand

How to milk a goat Go ahead, laugh that Im pinning this but some day it will be relevant!

How to Milk a Goat *VIDEO*

Mille Fleur hen - such a cool looking chicken! [ I'm going to have chickens at my little cottage & definitely 1 just like this ]

Gifts from Martha's Farm

I'd like to add some silkies some time too, they're supposed to be very fun and sociable, even if not reliable layers. The Blue Silkie Bantam intrigues me the most!

Blue Silkie Bantam from My Pet Chicken

Homemade Hay Feeder: This could also be could for a wild turkey or deer feeder with corn cobs or other.....

Noah L. and Sue A. Goddard - HOME MADE HAY FEEDER

#goatvet likes this idea of having broom ends to allow goats to brush their own coats

small livestock shelter-this would be great for goats,pigs, or dogs. This would be relatively easy to plan and build.

Cats catching squirts of milk during milking at a dairy farm in California, 1954



INDIA BLUE PEACOCK in flightPavo cristatus©Burnred You rarely see this view, but it gives you a good idea of how a peacock is put together. Though peafowl roost in trees most of us only ever see them on the ground.

Donkey has my nose!!!!! So cute!

Black Swan


This type of barn is so rare in the United States that The National Trust for Historic Preservation is protecting most of them. It is located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the orchard country of Biglerville, Pennsylvania, an area which is famous for apples and other tree fruits. The round barn, also called a “barrel barn,” was built in 1914 by the Noah Sheely family. The circumference of the barn is 282’, and the diameter is 87’.

Along the upper Mekong >> Back in Time #ExpediaWanderlust

Perfect little rows

Moon & Stars watermelon (heirloom)

You may be surprised to learn you can grow artichokes just about anywhere, if you choose the right growing technique for your climate.