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Beware of Scam "YouTube Video" Facebook Messages

Email purporting to be from Prince Harry of Wales asks you to click a link to donate money to a children’s charity that the Prince is supposedly supporting. #Scam #PrinceHarry

Various “Range Rover 2017” Facebook Pages claim that “for the first time in Facebook history” you can get the chance to win a Range Rover. #scam #Facebook #RangeRover

Email offers the recipient a part time job cleaning an apartment for a quite generous fee. #scam #moneylaundering #jobscam

“Action required” email purporting to be from Chase Bank claims that you must click a link to confirm that you or someone authorized to use your debit card made a recent transaction. #phishing #scam

Fake Richard Branson Facebook Page is a Survey Scam

"Free Primark Voucher" Facebook Survey Scam

Christopher Butterfield Hacker Warning Hoax

Iceland Foods "Free £70 Coupon" Facebook Giveaway Scam