Breann Dickerson

Breann Dickerson

Work to eat, Eat to live, LIVE TO BIKE, Bike to work..... (also dogs and tattoos)
Breann Dickerson
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bench over bookshelf - Google Search

love the tall bookcase, the trailing philodendron, and the recycled glass bottle on the floor, oh and that killer bench and side table Green Indoor plants Tropical Boho Bohemian Relax Nature Hippy Bold Paint Styling Interior Design Home Botanical

there will be plants. I love the little wooden step stool and that cinderblock/plank shelving situation.might need that in the dining room or living room under the window

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

The indoor fig of all indoor figs - Garden Life. Just LOVE Ficus lyrata plants!

Diy project: grow your own pineapple plant

The Ziggy Stardust Companion - Ziggy Stardust Gallery

Masquerade ball - Marie antoinette by sofia coppola "Kirsten Dunst"

Pat Benatar inspiration for party

Apple cider vinegar purifying hair treatments give you super shiny, soft hair with no product build-up. It's all natural and inexpensive, plus most of us already have this in our pantry.

How Grease Beat the Odds and Became the Biggest Movie Musical of the Century


In Stevie Nicks worked with clothing designer Margi Kent to develop Nicks's unique onstage look, with costumes that featured flowing skirts, shawls and platform boots.