Why am I laughing so much!?

How often do you floss?

Every time my dental hygienist asks me "How often do you floss?" I say "It's been a while, why do you ask?" Jokes Now that's some "True Blood"!

my life.

The story of my life. // I was hoping for a battle of wits, but you appear to be unarmed.

:) That's sounds great. My diet would be described as a child watching a birthday party through a glass window.all the time.

One woman’s struggle to reuse her penis cake mold. I’m dyingggg.

All I saw was different colored penis! One woman’s struggle to reuse her penis-shaped cake tin.seriously dying right now! I guess I didn't realize that there was such a thing as a penis-shaped cake tin!

hahahah. absolutely.

Free and Funny Encouragement Ecard: Whether you see your glass half-empty or half-full it doesn't matter. You did NOT pour enough wine into your glass. Start over.


15 Must See E-Cards for Moms

Funny Family Ecard: Thank you for informing me you have a stick figure family of . Your minivan had me under the impression you were wild & single.

But seriously. @Katrina Beecher @DaVita France

You know you're a mom when going shopping at Target by yourself feels like a vacation and going on a family vacation feels like work. Vacations with the kids are so fun, but a lot of work too!