Job LOLs & Work Fails (19 Pics)

And this is HILARIOUS because I had a Interview today and he asked me this exact question<<<<< XD I'm dying!

Always Always Always

Me: *wears a dress with pockets* Person: I like your dress Me: thanks it has pockets. <I love dresses with pockets and this is exactly what I do when I wear one. I literally do this.

Every time :)

I can’t be the only one who does this…

I'm very guilty. Hey, if you going to kill someone in a movie, you could at least have the actor hold his/her breath for 30 seconds.

How others see me as a soldier More

How others see me as a soldier

Being a soldier.G-D sees your soldier; and is watching over you and your family! Thank you for fighting for our country, I am very grateful that you can. Go with G-d, He's always beside you and your brothers!

Darth Vader - Before and After

Darth Vader - Before and After

I need this during my morning and afternoon commute

WWII saw the Quad-Fifty.Fuck You and Fuck You again was born

More ideas

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And anyone within 1,500 meters of you

And anyone within meters of you full auto beltfed nade launcher


The 13 funniest military memes of the week

Sir we're surrounded.

Sir we're surrounded.

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Im sorry, theres some ahem..."colorful" stuff but its just so funny!

The very best of Star Wars memes

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Girly-men like Ca. How'd you like to be HIS family member when the wolf comes knocking at their door?