A penny from heaven <3 Will teach Brant this!!

Pennies From Heaven. I love this. Since my dad passed away almost 7 years ago, I often find random pennies on the ground and many times it is at a time in my life I am struggling with something. I pick them up and save them every time.

so cute for a Christmas card

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I love, I love, I love!

wow, what a sweet story. The only thing better for me would be to teach a deaf baby the sign for "mommy" and have them sign it for me. That is the prayer and dream of my heart!

More than just photographs

More than just photographs~these pictures feed my soul and break my heart. and the kid with the iPod while the aged vet stands on the subway is shameful.


The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Justin Bieber Justin Bieber Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Talks to AOL Music About ‘Believe’ Playing Word Association With Justin Bieber Justin Bieber Chats About His Younger Siblings’ Relationship With Fame Justin Bieber AOL Music Photoshoot & Interviews

Justin bieber Justin bieber Justin bieber

Justin bieber Justin bieber Justin bieber lovelovelove this guy might be going to his concert

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