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Lego Art By Nathan Sawaya

Somebody must be a really big fan of his CrackBerry. And LEGOs. This gigantic LEGO BlackBerry was created by LEGO sculptor Nathan Sawaya for the BlackBerry.

made of legos

LEGO Sculpture // "Emergence of an Artist". From the Nathan Sawaya exhibit at the Flinn Gallery in Greenwich, Connecticut.

UNBELIEVABLE amazing lego sculpture by Nathan Sawaya

American artist Nathan Sawaya makes giant Lego sculptures from tens of thousands of parts designed for museums or for pleasure. Currently at exhibition BRICK BY BRICK: The LEGO Brick Sculpture, agora gallery, New York city

nathan sawaya: brick by brick

LEGO artist Nathan Sawaya (aka “Brick Artist”) is proving that there is no limit to what someone can create out of LEGO. His most recent works feature impr

LEGO monkey with banana.

Things come and go as fads – Lego will always remain! There will always be a room for Lego play while it has a strong appeal among kids and adult fans as well.