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Decorations for Retirement Party | ... retirement party, a principal retirement party, or a police retirement

there is a top ten list of party ideas on this site that will guide even the least experienced party planner to a perfect retirement celebration

Cat grieving

When tomorrow starts without me Don't think we're far apart For every time you think of me I'm right inside your heart ♥

And boy, doesn't living feel good?! #foodmatters #FMquotes

And boy, doesn't living feel good?! #foodmatters #FMquotes

please don't leave me. when you move away I won't be alright.

This makes me really sad cause whenni was 12 and my family moved they left behind THREE cats all on their own and didnt let me take then withnus even though they were our pets for yearsn

Coloring by Betty Hung - | Creative Cats by Marjorie Sarnat

Creative Cats by Marjorie Sarnat ♡

Love the airy, bright but warm feeL of the open plan colours of white,pale grey marble work tops, sodden floor, light walls.

Kitchen cupboards painted Benjamin Moore, 'Light Pewter'- wrap around bar stools, light fixtures