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So I put this purple rose because purple roses are my favorite flower because they symbolize strength, I hope to get a purple rose tattoo one day. Purple is the color for my disability, and Rose is something with my grandma meaning beauty and strength.


PEONY SORBET (Paeonia lactiflora ‘Sorbet’) The unusual pink and white double blooms of this hybrid are delectable! The fragrant flowers look amazing in early summer and the handsome foliage turns red in autumn. These bushy plants grow up to 4 tall and

13 Can't-Kill Flowers for Beginners

Add cosmos plants to your garden or grow these daisy-like flowers from seeds. These annuals are so undemanding, theyll bloom even in poor soils. They like full sun (but appreciate afternoon shade in hot climates) and tolerate drought once theyre up and gr


Purple Persian Buttercups ♥ (my note: Buttercups? I have yellow buttercups in and area and I can't get rid of them. These look like ranunculas, the bulb.


Product Type: Bonsai Use: Outdoor Plants Brand Name: Rose seed Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Regular Classification: Happy Farm Full-bloom Period: Summer Type: Blooming Plants Flowerpot: Excluded Loc