Deborah Durack
Deborah Durack
Deborah Durack

Deborah Durack

Director of Bright Education Tuition and Consultancy. Wife, Mother, Teacher.

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“M” is for Muscles: Muscle  is a contractile tissue whose function is to produce force and cause motion.  This force can cause either locomotion of the organism itself or movement of internal organs...

Eating disorders and self-harm. A recent study found self-harming behaviors in 50% of those battling with eating disorder. Find out what self-harm is all about and how the Victorian approaches treating this behavior.

Fire Safety infographic for College Students.

QR code Classroom Implementation Guide - This guide shares how to use QR codes, what they do, and how hardlinking can save a teacher time in the classroom. Lots of examples and how to's.

Good guide for teachers getting started with Twitter.

Good guide for teachers getting started with Twitter.

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Sidevibe is free and lets you turn traditional handouts into an online interactive guide.