For Teachers: Infant/Toddler Activities

Activities for teachers to lead in the infant & toddler classrooms
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What a colorful and creative pom-pom run (cardboard tubes, egg cartons, pie tins, baby food snack containers, ribbon spools. Many hours of exploration and fun!

musical parachute play for little ones - love the boa constrictor song!

And Next Comes L: Music Themed Sensory Bin

Pool Noodle Stringing Busy Bag. Toddler fine motor activity, hand/eye coordination

Toddler Science: Celery Experiment, Learn about Plants and How They Absorb Water in This Science Project for Kids

The Early Childhood Cheat Sheet: Social/Emotional Activities for Toddlers 12-18months (activities for promoting social/emotional development)

Planning Environments and Materials That Respond to Young Children's Lively Minds-information about schema theory

What makes your child laugh?

View the Bright Horizons Infant & Toddler Curriculum/Programs!

An easy and inexpensive DIY Sensory Wall for kids. Just tuck fabric scraps in embroidery hoops and hang them low on the wall for your children to reach.

Reggio: A Colour and Light Collage - contact paper and cellophane on the OHP

From the Bright Horizons - Citibank Family Center in Sioux Falls, SD comes this exploration of nature in their infant room. They took many walks to gather nature items like rocks, pinecones, sticks, pine needles, etc. Once the class was done exploring, they displayed the items in burlap fabric from the ceiling in their room.

Here’s an idea from an infant teacher at the Superior Children’s Center, a Bright Horizons center in Tyler, TX. She created a kicking wall for their younger infants. Of course they love to kick and feel the leaves! This idea can also be used with many materials, such as bubble wrap, paint, or yarn.

Fall craft and art project for kids: smoosh and stamp pumpkins.

Do you know about this App? Let's Play - A free parenting app from ZERO TO THREE

Being Exposed to Two Languages May Increase Cognitive Benefits in Babies from Science World Report

Encouraging Your Baby's Babbling May Speed Language Development...suggestions here apply to infant caregivers as well.

What’s Really Going on in Babies Brains? Language Development from Eye on Early Education Photo: Courtesy of the Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences, University of Washington

Baby Signs - Quick Reference Guide!

20 Physical Activities for Toddlers with Lots of Energy

LOVE this idea. Could use a simple wooden coat hanger with desired number or pegs from Hobby Lobby, or the like. Paint it to your liking, then find different colored rings for little loves to sort!!

This sensory board was made by an infant teacher at the Superior Children's Center in Tyler, TX. The different materials, textures and colors make it fun to look at and feel. This board is so versatile, it often moves from classroom to classroom giving many children a chance to touch and feel!

Here is a list of great books for 2 year olds!

Unexpected Toy Find!

5 Ways To Promote Pulling To Stand- from Pink Oatmeal