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This Board shares the reviews of books that earned 5 stars from Young Mensan book reviewers. As much of the review as possible is included in the description. For the full reviews, please see Amazon, where the reviews are published under "Young Mensan Book Parade." Here is a link to all of our reviews there: Whenever possible, the link will take you to the publisher or author's website. You can be sure that the bright kids in your life will enjoy these great books!
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The book Recycled Science by Tammy Enz and Jodi Wheeler-Toppen combines science and household products to make amazing things, from a solar hot dog cooker to your very own lava lamp!  In the first chapter, you learn how to make things like a bow and arrow with Popsicle sticks.  Scott W., 11, Central South Carolina Mensa

Recycled Science: Bring Out Your Science Genius with Soda Bottles, Potato Chip Bags, and More Unexpected Stuff Tammy Enz (Author) Jod.

One girl.  One boy.  One amazing elephant.  And endless adventure and fun!  Lily befriends a boy named Henry Jack who is also part of the circus since he has a rare skin condition.  Henry Jack helps Lily overcome her fear of Queenie Grace and he helps her find the strength to try new things.When Lily finds out about a plot involving Queenie Grace, she knows she must act fast to save her new friend.  Will the power of their friendship save the day? Roksanna K, age 12, Broward County Mensa

23 Books {A Bottomless Book Bag}: One Amazing Elephant by Linda Oatman High

This is the true story of Douwlina, a white rhino from South Africa. I enjoyed this book because I liked what the author had to say against poaching. The author wanted to share Douwlina’s story to stop the practice of poaching. I think that’s a nice message. The author also included lots of facts about rhinos. I found it interesting that the word rhino means nose and ceros means horn. Review by Cameron H., age 6, New Mexico Mensa

Grace Borgeson Hardcover Douwlina tells the inspirational story of an orphaned rhino in South Africa. When her mother is killed by poachers, Douwlina is raised in a shelter in South Af…

This book is about a black slave named James Lafayette who overcomes many obstacles.  It is historical fiction about his work as a spy for the Continental army.  Moses A, 8 years old, Atlanta Mensa

A Spy Called James: The True Story of James Lafayette, Revolutionary War Double Agent by Anne Rockwell, illustrated by Floyd Cooper

This book is about creatures that many of us have never heard of. Some are interesting and some are down right gross. Every page has interesting facts and bright colorful photos. Their are trivia questions at the beginning of each chapter and answers at the end. This makes for some exciting guesses.  Girls and boys who are 7-12 years old would like this book because its chapters contain something for everyone. Thea O., age 7, Greater New York Mensa

Prufrock Press: Things That Make You Go Yuck!

I found that I really liked this book. It is about ancient Egypt so take a look. It is fun to read and will give your brain fuel. Kids will like this book because the blue hippo is cool.  If you like history or archeology, have an interest in Egyptology, or maybe even fancy mythology, this book might inspire you to take up museology.  It is a story about love of family and friends. And, the hippo finds what he is looking for in the end. You will love the little blue hippo, so buy this book…

The Little Hippo: A Children's Book Inspired by Egyptian Art: Geraldine Elschner, Anja Klauss

the book contains extensive mature content, from relationships to profanity. Ia science fiction, mystery, and romance novel all rolled into one. Quinn Cutler is a happy sixteen-year-old with a great academic record, successful parents, a whimsical personality, and even a charming boyfriend. When Quinn discovers that she is pregnant, and Quinn has absolutely no memory of sexual intercourse. an absolutely brilliant novel. Isabella T., age 15, Memphis Mensa

Cover Reveal: The Inconceivable Life of Quinn by Marianna Baer - On sale

The novel follows Erik and Lil. Erik lives in San Francisco and was a famous celebrity until his father betrays him. After this, he begins to “awaken” and realize that he has powers. After being taken under mentorship by Matthias, he quickly realizes his power is very rare and that he is capable of saving the world. At the end of this book, readers will be begging for the following books in the trilogy. My favorite part was at the end of the novel...Grace P.,15, Mensa 76

The Root: A Novel of the Wrath & Athenaeum by Na'amen Gobert Tilahun (Night Shade Books, June

Grief and hope are woven together to create this amazing and touching read. Daisy is determined to find her human parents and be reunited with them, but trouble is around every corner. Roksanna K, age 12, Broward County Mensa

Grief and hope are woven together to create this amazing and touching read. Daisy is determined to find her human parents and be reunited with them, but trouble is around every corner. Roksanna K, age Broward County Mensa

I thought this was just another story book about construction vehicles.  Instead, I found a cool fact book about all types of . . . giant vehicles.  This book promises to deliver the inside story on the biggest vehicles in the world and it delivers!  And, I am not just talking about the kinds of vehicles.  My favorite part is lifting the flaps to read the description about the how the vehicles work.  Boys will like this book because some of the vehicles have interesting special abilities…

GIANT VEHICLES by Rod Green, illustrated by Stephen Biesty. Fantastic illustrations AND flaps to lift make up this oversized board book that's hard to put down. Stephen Biesty is the master of cross sections!