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Shrieking Harpies - Fat Edition

A feminist board about feminism and fat.

Shrieking Harpies - Fat Edition

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A personal manifesto- read it! My Body Is Not A Democracy

"Why don't you go on a diet?" "BECAUSE FUCKING LOOK AT ME."

Thanksgiving Is a Special Kind of Hell If You're Anorexic

When Science Met The Biggest Loser - study shows watchers of "the Biggest Loser" have increased bias toward fat people, increased prejudice AGAINST exercise. Additionally, former participants have ruined metabolisms, other negative effects. DO NOT READ THE COMMENTS.

Beach Body

OPTIONAL CANDY 1) YES, you may have some 2) No rationalization or diet talk necessary or welcome

A common misconception is that health and the size/shape of your body are directly related. While there is sometimes a correlation, you really can't judge a stranger's health just by looking at them. These 5 women are all Olympians, and they're all healthy, despite the fact that they all look different!

Quit the body shaming bullshit, please.

This makes my heart break. We have taught generations of women that the only "acceptable" way to be in photographs is thin. To be embarrassed if they're not. To tell people to not take their picture. To say "oh just the face". To be shameful. This is bullshit.

Website '' Click through to see an excellent fantasy fighting class "dress for your body shape" humor piece. Excellent skewering of fashion/body shaming pieces. Wench

Asking me if I've lost weight is not a compliment.

What would you think about, do, be, create etc. if you didn’t think about your weight?

Taylor Townsend, 16, is the world's No. 1 junior girls player and the reigning junior Australian Open singles champion. The USTA thinks she's too fat and out of shape to play.

Hey, all you fat people out there: the only reason you're still fat is because you're too fucking stupid to know it's possible to lose weight! I mean duh! OBVIOUSLY!

  • Rachel Federman
    Rachel Federman

    Hahahah. To be fair, I think they mean "believing in yourself" rather than literally knowing it's possible.

  • Wench

    Problem with that is, science has told us that even if you DO believe in yourself, you won't necessarily lose weight, or keep it off long-term. 95% of people who diet and lose weight gain it all back within five years, even if they do keep exercising and eating healthy.

  • Rachel Federman
    Rachel Federman

    I'd kinda rather eat cookies.

  • Brigid Barjaktarevic
    Brigid Barjaktarevic

    This is victim blaming. It says that fat people are fat because they JUST DON'T BELIEVE THEY CAN LOSE WEIGHT, not because dieting is scientifically proven not to work, or because genetics determine one's weight range, or what have you. IT'S YOUR FAULT! AND YOU'RE BAD FOR BEING FAT! MORALLY WRONG! It's bullshit and it's harmful. Also, I have cookies for you so come on over. om nom nom.

  • Rachel Elisabeth
    Rachel Elisabeth

    amen, @Brigid Barjaktarevic! i am so sick and freaking tired of fighting the "there is no science to prove weight loss is even possible, let alone sustainable, or that it is even good for you!" battle, especially when the larger battle looms: FAT PEOPLE ARE LESS THAN. YOU ARE SUBHUMAN IF YOU ARE "PLUS SIZED." FAT PEOPLE SHOULD BE PUNISHED FOR REFUSING TO CONFORM TO SOCIETAL "NORMS!" arg!

They are all beautiful.

www.timberlake-ju... The original text of the sign he's holding is "Real Men Don't Buy Girls," part of an anti-human trafficking advertisement. Now, there's a lot of ways the ad is problematic (girls? really? yes, female humans who aren't adults are trafficked but a whole lot of grown ass women are trafficked as well, and it's kind of demeaning and paternalistic to refer to them as girls) but seeing this edit is kind of depressing.

real women come in every size and shape imaginable

real women come in every size and shape imaginable

"Pretty and thin" is not some rent payable for occupying a space market 'female'"

Classical nudes photoshopped to be skinnier.

...and all shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.

Intuitive Eating Principles

“Wrong Century” —Tomas Kucerovsky

  • Rachel Federman
    Rachel Federman

    I love this.

  • Katzensprotte

    I do too. The idea, the art.... but why did the artist choose a painting about rape? That's sort of... I don't know makes me feel icky.