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human stories

human stories

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love these shots of ballerina Mary Helen Bowers .. 9 months pregnant and dancing like a boss. amazing. beautiful.

9-Months-Pregnant Ballerina Will Take Your Breath Away

Erotica and the Sexual Evolution: Aranyani at TEDxWalledCity

15 Powerful Quotes From the World's Most Humble President - Uruguay's President, José "Pepe" Mujica.

15 Powerful Quotes From the World's Most Humble President

For seventeen years she was known only as 'The Afghan Girl', and without even knowing it Sharbat Gula became the world's poster child for Afghan refugees. This is her story.

Minnie Brown, taken at White Studios, NY, 1907 From the link: “She was an actress and singer. And also a member of the Williams & Walker Vaudevillian troupe. In 1920 she served as vice president for the National Association of Negro Musicians.”

~If she can still smile, so can I~ 121clicks.comDisadvantaged Children - Photography by Thomas Tham -

this needs no words

Ip Man You may have watched the movie. Of all the incredible traits that Ip Man had, including the famous fight scene, I believe his most admirable trait was his humility.

Nabintu, a survivor in the Democratic Republic of Congo. "In the process of raising [a child], I learned to find peace inside my heart. No one can give it to me. No one can take it away from me. Peace is inside my heart." 'If You Knew Me You Would Care' Book Presents Striking Photos Of Female Survivors (PHOTOS)

Drinking tea in London during the Blitz, June 1941.

Susan B Anthony pummeled and arrested for attempting to vote in 1872. She was fined 100 dollars for registering to vote.

Jim Thorpe - Someone had stolen his shoes just before he won his gold. He found a mismatched pair in a trash bin and wore extra socks because one shoe was too big.”

For seventeen years she was known only as 'The Afghan Girl', and without even knowing it Sharbat Gula became the world's poster child for Afghan refugees. This is her story.

Malala Yousufzai

Élise Rivet was the Mother Superior at the convent of “Notre Dame de Compassion”, where she not only hid refugees from the gestapo, but also used the convent to stash some weapons & ammunition for the resistance. She was eventually caught in March of 1944 & sentenced to hard labor at Ravensbrück concentration camp. About a year later, Élise was murdered along with thousands of others just weeks before the war ended. She volunteered to go into the gas chamber in the place of a mother.

Young and beautiful Iranian poet and female activist Hila Sedighi. Her poems depict pain and suffering of Iranians, specially women and rights activists sharing the same faith: getting prison terms for basic rights as experiencing freedom of expression.

Anna May Wong. She became one of the few and rare Asian actresses in early Hollywood, but this was only the beginning. Directors and producers of major films chose to disguise women of European descent to play the role of Asian characters, and she instead was given stereotypical and racist roles. When she was chosen for a lead role, she wasn't allowed to kiss her Caucasian love interests onscreen due to racial regulations. She finally passed up a major and potentially very profitable role due to its racist connotations, refusing to fill any more of these types of roles.

Turban Tuesday: Anna May Wong

"This picture is from an article called "The Rescuing Hug". The article details the first week of life of a set of twins. Each were in their respective incubators and one was not expected to live. A hospital nurse fought against the hospital rules and placed the babies in one incubator. When they were placed together, the healthier of the two, threw an arm over her sister in an endearing embrace. The smaller baby's heart stabilized and temperature rose to normal."

The beautiful face of courage: Lance Cpl. William Kyle Carpenter USMC Carpenter, 21, of Gilbert lost the eye, most of his teeth and use of his right arm from a grenade blast Nov. 21 near Marjah, Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Friends and family say he threw himself in front of the grenade to protect his best friend in Afghanistan, Cpl. Nick Eufrazio. What a HERO!!

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In 2004, 84-year-old Kenyan KIMANI NG’ANG’A MARUGE became the oldest primary school pupil in the world.  He said that the government’s announcement of universal and free elementary education in 2003 prompted him to enroll.  A year later, he was elected head boy of his school. In September 2005, Maruge boarded a plane for the first time in his life, and headed to New York City to address the UN Millennium Development Summit on the importance of free primary education

Katie 21, and husband Nick 23, knew before the wedding that Katie had terminal cancer but Nick vouched to marry the love of his life.

Anna Mae Dickinson was eight when she lost her father and narrowly escaped death herself on the Titanic. She was 11 when she lost her Aunt Olivia in the torpedoing of the Lusitania. She was 31 when she lost her first cousin Alfred in the Hindenberg explosion. She was 37 when she lost her nephew Thomas in the bombing of Pearl Harbor.And she was 97 when her tiny apartment was shaken and battered by the collapse of the twin towers on Sept 11, 2001 and blessed by God to have survived through it all.

"extraordinary autobiographical book published in 1998 about the life of a Somali model, Waris Dirie. It's a gripping tale that tells of the injustice faced by Somalian women. Despite Somalian society's attempt to weaken and suppress women via Female Genital Mutilation, we see a woman's strength to change her fate. Reading about Waris sprinting to escape wild animals & an arranged marriage while tucked comfortably in my soft bed magnifies this juxtaposition and the haunting effect lingers"

LAL BABA by Joey L. When he was young, Lal Baba’s parents arranged a marriage for him. Uncertain about his future, he ran away from home in Bihar Siwan and took up the lifelong task of becoming a sadhu. Varanasi, India

Anonymous, 1957 (Hashem El Madani) These are negatives that were scratched because of a jealous husband, who never let his wife out by herself. He was upset to know that she came to be photographed in my studio without telling him. In the end we agreed that I would scratch them of his wife with a pin, and I did it in front of him. Years later, after she burnt herself to death to escape her misery, he came back to me asking for enlargements of those photographs.