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Celeste Brignac
Celeste Brignac
Celeste Brignac

Celeste Brignac

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Do you EVER feel like a Blobfish? Huh? Blobfish - Found in the deep seas off the coast of Australia, the Blobfish is as lethargic as it looks and sounds. While this aquatic being may look like something out of a horror film, there’s no need to be scared because it’s essentially a floating gelatinous mass with very little muscle. The comatose creature doesn’t even bother to swim; it simply swallows whatever drifts by its mouth, making it even more sloth-like than an actual sloth.

Lemon Butter Cookies - These are amazing! Such a nice lemon flavor. Love them. Already want to make more. With my two logs, I got about 20 cookies. So mine must be smaller. If these sound good, don’t hesitate. Make them. The whole process was very quick if you pulse the butter with the flour mixture in a food processor.

ymutate: Dadda Samson: Kartujarra born c.1933 Puntuwarri 2009 source: artblart

Deadline 17 July 2015 Black Swan Prize for Portraiture

Deadline 15 September 2015 Grace Cossington Smith art award 2015

Deadline 1 August 2015 The MCollection since 2008

Deadline 3 July 2015 Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize

Deadline: 19 June 2015 Corangamarah Art Prize

Dandelion Paperweights - Hand-made unique paperweights made from real dandelion seed puffs.

San Francisco-based photographer Alex Cornell recently ventured to Antarctica and took all the usual photos, except a few. And those few have got us with our mouths open in amazement. Folks, this is what the underside of an iceberg looks like.

When it comes to cute things, we’ve got our favourites. So here’s another video to add to the list: a teeny tiny bird taking a bath in its owner’s hands.

Fancy enriching your skin with 20,000 year-old mud filled with magnesium, potassium, calcium and zinc whilst chilling in the outback? Check out the very best of Charleville! #thisisqueensland

A homeless man in Australia is being touted as the most polite thief in the world after he broke into a car, stole a blanket, broke into it again and returned the blanket, along with a funny thank-you note.

Loaded Chicken Salad with Garlic Greek Yogurt Ranch “Mayo” aka Crack Chicken Salad

Ing: 2 medium zucchinis 1/2 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese Garlic salt & ground black pepper, optional Direct: Preheat oven to 425°F. Line baking sheet with foil (lightly misted w/ cooking spray). Cut zucchini into 1/4" thick slices. Arrange zucchini on pan. Sprinkle w/ garlic salt & freshly ground black pepper-optional Spread a thin layer of Parmesan on each. Bake 15-20 min or til Parm. turns a light gldn brown. (Pull out of oven early if Parmesan is golden before 15 min) Serve immediately.

Crazy-Good Crab Cakes. Everything from the crab meat to the filling is perfect. In fact, they are so flavorful,you won't even have to add any sauce!

This One-Pan Cheesy Chicken, Broccoli, and Rice dish is perfect for a busy weeknight.

Quoll, a small nocturnal carnivorous marsupial. Once they lived on the East coast of Australia, now they are extinct on the mainland and can only be found on Tasmania. An endangered species

Sweet Tea Sangria. Made this for memorial day and it was a HIT! AMAZING!

Salty bacon amps up the sweetness of local peaches at their peak freshness and the thick balsamic drizzle gives another touch of tart and sweet

Have you ever had one of those Pineapple Dole Whips from the Tiki Bar in Adventureland? They are TO DIE for. I found a recipe for it that can easily be made at home without having to pay for a Disneyland ticket!

William Wegman, Ball Game, 1973

Springbrook National Park, Queensland, Australia