Baby Polar in Canada by John A Barrett, Jr. (Your Best Travel Photos Contest A Poler bear ,poler because it lives in the poler reigons!:) How adorable!

Baby Panda

Hang in there!) Panda bear cub Xiao Liwu hangs out at the San Diego Zoo. He recently turned six months old.

LOVE bears. and Lions. oh, and Tigers.

My favorite animal ever. And how cute is this, a mama bear and 3 cubs. Like me and my babies:)

Momma & baby

This beautiful pare of brown bears mother and cub. These animals are truly great spending there waking hours eating as much as they can to prepare for the winter hibernation my ideal life style😍

so very, very beautiful...

I want this drawn as a simplistic tattoo with a pretty vintage frame around it in honor of my mom. bear mom is known for their protectiveness. She takes great care in protecting and training her young cubs.